Ali Medical is a State of the Art 100 bedded multi-specialty hospital. It is strategically located at a prime location in sector F-8 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan. The hospital Comprises of modern operation theaters, Intensive Care Unit, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, PICU, HDU, Labor and Delivery Rooms.
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Breast Surgery

Ali Medical provides a range of breast surgery services, including complicated procedures. Their experienced surgeons specialize in breast augmentation, reduction, and lift, as well as reconstruction following mastectomy. Utilizing technology and minimally invasive techniques, the goal is to achieve results with minimal recovery time. Personalized care plans ensure that each patient receives tailored treatment to meet their specific needs, promoting both physical and emotional well-being throughout the process.


  • Oncoplastic Breast Surgery
  • Aesthetic Breast Surgery

Our Doctors

Consultant General Surgeon


What types of breast surgeries does Ali Medical offer?

Ali Medical offers a range of breast surgeries including augmentation for enhancing breast size, reduction for alleviating discomfort and improving appearance, lift for correcting sagging, and reconstruction following mastectomy to restore breast shape.

Are minimally invasive techniques used in breast surgeries?

Yes, Ali Medical utilizes latest techniques whenever appropriate to minimize scarring, shorten recovery times, and enhance patient comfort.

How can breast surgery improve appearance?

Aesthetic Breast surgery can improve appearance by enhancing breast size and shape, achieving symmetry between breasts, and addressing concerns such as sagging or disproportionate breast size.

What is involved in breast reconstruction after mastectomy?

Breast reconstruction at Ali Medical involves rebuilding the breast mound using implants or the patient's own tissue (flap reconstruction), aiming to restore a natural appearance and symmetry.

What postoperative care is provided for breast surgery patients?

Patients receive personalized postoperative care plans including pain management, wound care instructions, and guidance on resuming normal activities and follow-up appointments.

Are consultations available to discuss breast surgery options?

Yes, Ali Medical provides consultations with experienced surgeons who discuss individual goals, surgical options, expected outcomes, and recovery timelines to help patients make informed decisions.