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Kidney Transplants

Treatment Options for Kidney Failure

If your kidneys stop working, you will need treatment to help manage kidney failure. Renal replacement therapy constitute treatment modalities that clean waste and fluid from your blood and help you live longer and better. This fact sheet will explain the basics of kidney transplant.

What is a kidney transplant?

A kidney transplant is when a healthy kidney from another person is put into your body. The kidney can come from a living donor. The new kidney will do the work that your old kidneys used to do.

Things to think about:

A kidney transplant can help you have a better lifestyle than other treatment options.

You may need to undergo dialysis while you wait for the transplant workup.

Kidney Transplants at AMC

Human Organ Transplant Authority (HOTA) approved living related Kidney transplant program

Expedited work up from first clinical visit to renal transplant in shortest possible time

Successful renal transplants in difficult clinical scenarios

Cost effective Renal transplant services with excellent patient and graft related outcomes.

In House Special Post-Transplant Care Facilities

Dedicated Operating Theatres customized for transplant surgeries

24×7 Specialty blood bank facilities

24×7 High end Laboratories for all tests and investigations

Diagnostic and Radiology Facilities which include CT scanners, MRI machines, high-end Ultrasound facilities

24×7 High end Dialysis Centre

Dedicated and trained nursing staff for Proactive vigil and prompt management for complications.

Post Transplant Kidney Care

After surgery, the patient will undergo routine tests and scans with our medical staff. After which, the recipient of the new kidney will be treated as an outpatient for another 1-2 weeks.

The patient will begin to experience a better quality of life post-surgery, especially after the first month, and will soon be able to resume normal activities. After the kidney transplant, the patient will need to take anti-rejection medicines, but the dosage will be reduced over time.

Our Kidney Transplant Consultants

Kamran Majeed
Renal Transplant Surgeon and Urologist

He is an eminent member of national and international urology associations. He returned home after his training in United Kingdom and has been serving urology patients and supervising young urologist for over twenty years. He is carrying out renal transplant as per international standards with excellent results. In recognition of his services, he has been awarded Sitara-e-Imtiaz by president of Pakistan in March 2019.

Amir Ghazanfar
Vascular and Renal Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Amir Ghazanfar is the head of the surgical department and has been supervising training in general surgery for decades now. He has vast experience in the field of renal transplant and has been part of renal transplant surgeries for over ten years. DR. Amir has carried out over sixty renal transplant at Ali Medical center in past two years with excellent clinical outcomes. He is well liked by his peers and patients owing to his professionalism.

Zahid Nabi
MBBS, FCPS (Med), FCPS(Nep), FRCP(Ireland), FACP (USA)

Consultant Physician, Nephrologist and Renal Transplant Physician
Program Director Renal transplant Ali Medical Centre

Dr. Zahid Nabi graduated from Pakistan and undertook his fellowship training abroad. After completing his fellowship in Medicine, he completed his fellowship in Nephrology and has been serving kidney patients ever since. Dr. Zahid Nabi has special interest in immune mediated diseases of the kidney and Renal transplant. He initiated the renal transplant program at AMC and is running it successfully with excellent patient and graft related outcomes in his cohort of over150 renal transplants.

Muhammad Rashid
Consultant Nephrologist & Renal Transplant Physician

Dr. Rashid is a consultant Nephrologist with focused interest in renal replacement therapy. He has experience of management of over hundred renal transplant patients. He has over a dozen presentations at national and international conferences in the subject. Dr. Rashid recently represented our team at American society of Nephrology, Kidney week 2018 where he presented the challenging case about taming of nephrogenic ascites by renal transplant

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