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Gastroenterology/Hepatology Department in Ali Medical Centre Offers

Advance treatment options for

  • Liver diseases including Viral Hepatitis,Autoimmune Hepatitis,Fatty Liver,Abnormal LFTs,Hepatocellular carcinoma and all advance and complicated liver diseases.
  • Stomach diseases including Ulcers,Cancers, Blood vomiting, Symtoms of flatulence, bloating, feeling of heaviness after meal and all range of complicated diseases.
  • Intestinal Diseases including Celiac disease, Crohns disease, Ulcerative colitis, Bowel cancers, Irritable bowel syndrome, bleeding from rectum with all range of diseases.
  • We mainly focus on discussing all treatment options with the patient after listening carefully to his symptoms, we also offer counseling sessions to psychologically disturbed patients associated with their GI tract symptoms

Endoscopic Procedure in Ali Medical Centre

We do all procedures with extreme care in pain free and comfortable environment for the patient.

  • Upper GI Endoscopy
  • Endoscopy With Biopsy
  • Endoscopic Management Of Gastrointestinal Bleeding
  • Esophageal Variceal Sclerotherapy/Banding
  • Esophageal Dilation, Penumatic Dilation
  • Foriegn Body Removal From Stomach And Esophagus
  • Percutaneaus Endoscopic Gastrostomy (Peg)
  • Flexible Sigmoidoscopy
  • Colonoscopy
  • Polypectomy

Dr.Muhammad Omar Qureshi
Consultant Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist
Liver/Pancreases/Stomach/Intestine Specialist


Education and Fellowship

  • MBBS – University of Health sciences, Lahore
  • IMM (Medicine)– Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad
  • MRCP-I– Royal College of London,UK
  • FCPS–CPSP/ Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad

Recent Working Experience

  • As Transplant Hepatologist and Gatroenterologist in Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute,Lahore,
  • As Hepatologist and Gastroenterologist in Maroof International Hospital,Islamabad.
  • As Hepatologist in Islamabad Hepaitis Centre,Islamabad
  • Fellow/Transplant hepatologist and Gastroenterologist in Shifa International Hospital,Islamabad.

About Consultant

Dr. Omar is a dynamic up-to-date consultant in his field, who is in touch with recent advances in his specialty. An integral part of his practice has been his passion for research. It drives him to go from strength to strength and encourages him to not only acquire knowledge, but impart it too. He practiced in the most prestigious institutions with immense exposure to treat complicated and advanced liver, stomach and intestinal diseases.

Clinical Expertise / Interest:

Dr. Omar is advanced trained Interventional Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist. His area of special interest is in the field of hepatology especially Viral hepatitis, Liver cancer, Liver transplant and range of all complicated liver diseases. He is also expert in dealing all stomach (including blood vomiting,ulcers,cancers),Gall bladder, pancreatic and intestinal diseases with latest treatment options. He spent few years of his life in doing original clinical research on liver and stomach diseases. He has not only treated many complex patients in the field of Hepatology and Gastroenterology with advanced techniques but also contributed at international level by doing original clinical research in the specialty.

He is expert as

  • Endoscopist and Interventional Endoscopy Specialist.
  • Proficient in diagnostic and therapeutic gastroscopic and colonoscopic procedures.
  • Proficient in advanced GI therapeutic procedures.

Honors and Publications

  • Author of a book on Liver disease ” Management Guidelines of Hepatology”
  • Associate Editor of research Rawal Medical Journal.
  • Best Fellow Gastroenterologist award Shifa International Hospital
  • Best Researcher award Shifa International Hospital
  • Best Hepatology Researcher award Shifa International Hospital
  • Best Research paper presenter Pakistan Society of Gastroenterology,Lahore.
  • Original Research paper of Hepatology and Gastroenterology in National and International level.
  • Research presentations at National and International conferences.

Working Hours

Monday to Friday – 11am to 7pm
Saturday 1pm to 8pm


  • (051) -8090200 ( For Appointment)
  • 0332-5428500
  • Ali Medical Centre, Kohistan Road, F-8 Markaz Islamabad