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To provide excellent health care to patients and ensure quality services at all times.
To deliver quality services to patients both in diagnosis and treatment and maintain a conducive and caring environment by a team of dedicated and qualified professionals at all times.
We believe in quality services, thus respects equally the patients, co-workers and external customers striving to fulfil their expectations with compassion and understanding.
We desire to be a model in providing quality health care with commitment and looking forward to teaching and research in the near future.
We believe in human welfare, thus promoting wellness for our patients, staff and the community.
We are open in our promises and actions, thus always strive to listen attentively and communicate clearly in our planning and operations and to be responsive to the many constituencies we serve.
We value the time, money and energy, thus encourage the wise and efficient use of our resources.
We strive for continuous improvement, thus create environment that maintains trustworthy and relationship among our staff, consultants, volunteers as well as the partner organizations, clients.
AMC promotion of diversity derives from its belief that there are multiple paths towards excellence. Therefore we value the organizational culture of attracting and retaining talented employees representing different backgrounds, minorities, gender, ethnicity, age groups and experiences who offer different perspectives and opinions and who collectively foster relationships that contribute towards organizational effectiveness.