• General


    Where is Ali Medical Centre located & do you have any other branches?
    We are located in F-8 Markaz, Islamabad. No, we do not have any other branch.

    Do you deal with cash patients only?
    No, we have cash patients as well as many reputable companies on panel.

    Do you accept cheque or card?
    No, we only accept cash.

    How do I complain or give feedback about your services?
    You could email your complaint/suggestions to feedback@alimedical.org

    I am looking for job. How do I apply?
    Please visit our job page on our website or email your CV with covering letter to jobs@alimedical.org

  • IPD


    How to get admission?
    Your consultant must refer you for admission in writing which you need to show to Admission Office (on ground floor).

    Can I book room in advance and are there any booking charges?
    Yes you may reserve a room maximum 6hrs in advance from your arrival time. There is no fee for booking.

    What are the room options & how much are the charges?
    We have General Wards, Private Rooms, VIP Rooms,. Please call +51 2255313-15 or email info@alimedical.org for charges.

    How many attendant can stay with the patients?
    We only allow maximum one attendant to stay with the patient.

    What are the patient visiting timings?
    Morning - 10am to 12pm, Evening - 2pm to 4pm (Mon to Saturday) 11am to 6pm (Sunday). Maximum 2 visitors are allowed to visit at one time.

  • OPD


    What is the procedure for visiting the consultant?
    Please visit one of our counters who will register you (if you are not already registered).

    How much is the consultant fee?
    Fee varies from consultant to consultant so please contact us via telephone +51 2255313-15 or email info@alimedical.org

    How do I know doctor timings?
    You could see doctor's timing on our website or call +51 2255313-15 or email info@alimedical.org.

    Do I need appointment to see consultant?
    Most of our doctors see patients on first come first serve basis.

    I am not sure which doctor to see, what should I do?
    If you are unsure of which specialist to see then you are requested to visit our Emergency Dept and one of our CMOs will guide you based on your symptoms.

  • Registration


    What is registration?
    Registration basically means that you name has been saved in your system so that its easy to retrieve your data quickly on your future visits.

    How to register?
    Just visit one of our counters who will do your registration & issue you with registration card

    How much is the fee?
    There is a one-off fee of Rs 150/- for registration

    Can I see consultant without registration?
    No, it is hospital policy & registration is mandatory.

    I have lost my card. What to do?
    You could get replacement card from counter for fee of Rs 150/-.