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Child Specialist

Parent demand the best medical care for their children. At AMC, services are designed to ensure patient satisfaction / the best medical care. To achieve this satisfaction, high standardization is coupled with a caring approach, tailored according to the age, physical and psychological needs of the child so that every child feels safe and secure.


  • Immunization Centre

There is provision of wide range of quality vaccines. Parents are given detailed explanation about the importance and timing of vaccination recommended in the EPI Schedule. Information leaflets on certain common illnesses and the preventive measures and curative treatment against these are available. For children coming from foreign countries, it is recommended that the parents discuss with the pediatrician the recommended schedule for children.

  • Nutritional Rehabilitation & Feeding Advice Service

Poor nutrition and growth problems are common in our community. Not only do they predispose children to illnesses and retard healthy growth but they also cause perpetual worries for the parents. AMC provides preventive strategies in these areas as well, strongly believing that prevention is better than cure.


  • Out-Patient Clinics

The service normally covers children up to fourteen years of age, although there is some degree of flexibility .Highly qualified and experienced pediatric consultants, each with their own specific field of specialization, run the out patients clinics in both morning and evening hours.

  • In-Patiente

Presently, ?????????..children can be accommodated in each bay. Children with a wide variety of illnesses are thus looked after in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere making their ward a home away from home.

  • Emergency Paedtiatics

Children who are acutely ill and need urgent treatment or arrive at odd hours or holidays are seen by the doctor on duty sitting in the emergency. AMC staff Pediatrician supervises such patients