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Nephrology in AMC deals with the kidney diseases. AMC has its nephrology clinic being supervised of highly qualified and experienced nephrologists. There is a daily out patient clinic for initial assessment and consultation which is carried out with the help of an excellent ultrasound guided renal biopsy as a tool for investigation glumerular diseases are done regularly. This procedure is performed under ultra sound guidance with strict aseptic techniques and using the modern biopsy gun with minimal trauma risk.
Critically ill patients with anemia are managed most professionally in the ICU. Facilities for Haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. AMC has its haemodialysis unit with new dialysis machines and provides dialysis treatment in the cleanest and most hygienic environment.
HCV+ patients are also dialyzed on a separate machine. Biocarbonate dialysis with bio compatible dialysis is used for most patients. Patients are closely monitored during dialysis and records are kept. Dialyses with tubings are discarded after each dialysis so that reusing them is not practiced.
A large number of ARF and ESRD have been successfully treated .Most patients with ARF who were critically ill have completely recovered. Patients with ERSD are provided with A/V fistula as a permanent vascular access for dialysis .this is carried out for us by an experienced vascular machine in AMC.
Those patients suitable for renal transplantation are counseled, encouraged and prepared for the surgery. Several of our regular dialysis patients have undergone successful transplantation.