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On receiving the Ali Medical Centre consultants written advice for admission the patient shows it to admission officer in admission office.
(If the Ali Medical Centre consultant refers the patient in emergency directly to Labour Room for delivery or Operation Theater for operation & admission after the required procedure if room/bed is not available in IPD then the patient after delivery or operation will be retained in Labour room or ICU respectively till a room/bed is available and patient will be charged for retention in Labour Room or ICU accordingly.)
If a panel patient is unable to submit his/her employer company's recommendation letter or appropriate employee card due to any reason he/she requires immediate admission then he/she has to deposit Rs.5000/- as a refundable security on daily basis till Ali Medical Centre receives concerned admission recommendation/ authorization letter from the company concern.
On receiving the Ali Medical Centre consultant's written advice for admission, the admission officer shows the vacant rooms/bed to the patient.
(Note: Incase any room/bed is not vacant, the hospital as per agreement is not bound to provide room/bed to any panel patient).
After choosing the room/bed out of vacant ones by the patient, the admission officer will inform the patient for estimated total expenditure comprising cost of treatment and room/bed charges etc.
a. Private patient for treatment other then neuro surgery will deposit 25% of expected expenditure involved while the patient requiring Neuro Surgery will have to pay 100 % of estimated expenditure as advance payment.
b. Panel patient for any type of treatment fulfilling the official documentary requirement will not have to deposit any advance amount for treatment, except, if he/she chooses the room beyond his permissible expenditure ceiling authorized, then he/she will have to deposit the room charges above his ceiling as advance payment.